organization terms

Chall AS
Last updated: December 2023

1. Introduction

These Organization Terms (referred to as the “Organization Terms” in this document) is part of Chall’s General Terms of Service (referred to as the “Terms” in this document), which governs general use and access to Chall’s platform for digital challenges and competitions (referred to as the “Platform” in this document).

In this document, the terms “Chall”, “you”, “User” and “Users” have the same meaning as in the Terms.

2. When these terms apply

The Organization Terms are relevant for all organizations who wish to use the Platform.

Please note that the Organization Terms apply in addition to the Terms, which means that the Terms apply fully also when these Organization Terms apply.

3. order forms

If you wish to use the Platform features available for organizations, you will need to request Platform membership for the organization to Chall. Before access is granted, an order form (referred to as an “Order Form” in this document) must be signed between the organization and Chall.

These Business Terms come into effect when you sign the Order Form or when your organization starts using the Platform and remain in effect for as long as your organization has access to the Platform.

4. prizes

As an organization, you may offer prizes to winners of your challenges and competitions hosted in the Platform. When you do, your organization bears the full responsibility to ensure that the challenge or competition is hosted in accordance with the Terms and the Community Policy.

Specifically, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, it is your responsibility to ensure that participants in your challenges and competitions are treated fairly, and that you make sure that winners get the prizes you promise them.

By offering prizes on challenges or competitions hosted by your organization on the Platform, you agree to indemnify and hold Chall harmless from any claims that may be made from participants and / or winners regarding such prizes. This applies both if the participants are not provided with the prizes at all, or if there are defects with the prizes.

5. User data and personal information

All users who engage with challenges and competitions on the Platform must be users on the Platform. That means that Chall has the main responsibility to managing the users’ personal information. It also means that users of the Platform have accepted the Terms, where users accept that information about them is shared with any host of a challenge or competition on the Platform.

What information about users on the Platform you will get access to through the Platform, is ultimately decided by Chall. Our decisions will be based on a holistic assessment of the users’ need for privacy and your need to access the information and may change over time. Our assessments will always be made in accordance with applicable regulations in Norway.

Since Chall has the primary responsibility to managing the users’ information towards the users themselves, Chall is not deemed a data processor for organizations utilizing Chall.

6. Fees and consideration


The consideration payable by the organization for access to the Platform is specified in the Order Form.

Unless otherwise specified, all prices are stated excluding value added tax, customs duties etc.

Chall reserves the right to conduct audits of the organization’s use of the Platform to verify that the use is in accordance with the agreed consideration.


Payments are paid in advance on a monthly or yearly basis as stated in the Order Form.

All invoices will be issued with 14 days’ payment notice.

Except in the event of a material breach of contract by Chall, Chall shall not in any event be liable to refund pre-paid amounts, e.g., in the event of termination by the organization.


If payments are not made at the agreed time, Chall may claim interest on the amount which is past due for payment, in accordance with Act no. 100 of 17 December 1976 concerning interest on late payments, etc. (the Norwegian Late Payment Interest Act).


If overdue, undisputed consideration, with the addition of interest on late payment, has not been paid within thirty (30) calendar days of the due date, Chall may give written notice that the agreement will be terminated. Chall may terminate the agreement without further notice if settlement has not been made within thirty (30) calendar days after such notice.

Termination pursuant to this section 6.4 may not take place if the overdue consideration is settled, with the addition of late payment interest, prior to the expiry of the deadline.


The price for access to the Platform may be adjusted by Chall at any time without cause. Before such changes are effectuated, the organization will be notified about such adjustments at least three (3) months before the price adjustment comes into effect.


7.1. term

When Chall and an organization signs an Order Form, the organization is granted access to the Platform is effective as from the day the Order Form is signed and Chall has opened the Platform for the organization.

The agreement shall be in force and effect until it is terminated.

7.2. termination

Organizations may terminate the agreement with Chall about access to the Platform at any time without cause by e-mail to

Termination will have effect after the end of the period for which the organization has paid for access to the Platform.

The Platform will remain fully available during the termination period.

8. marketing

Unless otherwise agreed, Chall may use the name and logo of all organizations with access to the Platform in Chall’s own marketing.