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Likes, comments and tags are not real engagement. Urging someone to an activity and see them do it is
real engagement.

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About Chall

Chall is a digital platform that simplifies and enhances the ease of hosting and participation in digital challenges and competitions. Stay tuned for a lot of exciting features.


Chall is your go-to platform to host engaging challenges and competitions online, whether it is to reach employees, customers or friends and family. Get started with a few clicks, publish and share in a breeze and let Chall handle the rest. As simple as that.
Engaging with other in challenges and competitions has never been easier. Get unique opportunities to compete with your favorite athletes and influencers, random people from everywhere or simply friends and family. And yes, you may win prizes.
Join the action without effort. Cheer your favorites to the top, and engage directly with participants in a way that you have only dreamt of in the past. And yes, you too may win prizes.
Get off the couch and join the fun. Challenges and competitions can be about anything. Host your own in a breeze, join someone else's playground with the touch of a button or simply cheer for your favorites. Whatever you do, online engagement will never be the same.

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