chall community policy

Chall AS
Last updated: December 2023

1. Overview

Our mission at Chall is to create unity through content and engagement. We want everyone to have a place to join the activity, regardless of interest. We welcome diversity and nurture creativity, and we aim to support both content creators and content consumers from all over the world.

To achieve this, the Chall platform must be a safe and welcoming place for everyone. To nurture a safe, trustworthy, and engaging experience, we have developed a set of guidelines that include rules and standards for using Chall. These guidelines are documented in this “Community Policy”.

The Community Policy applies to everyone and everything on our platform. When you use the Chall platform, you agree to always adhere to the guidelines set out in this document.

If you are ever in doubt whether you should post something on the Chall platform, this rule from a classical Norwegian children’s book will get you pretty far:

You must not bother others, you must be decent and kind, and otherwise you can do whatever you want.

Thank you for making Chall the home of challenges and competition online.

Stay safe, be good, and have fun!

2. Safety

Challenges and competitions can be about anything. That unlocks unparalleled possibilities to create positive experiences and to engage with others, but it also opens for dangerous, illegal, and harmful activities.

To nurture safe, good, and fun activities, and to avoid harmful activities, certain activities are prohibited on the Chall platform.

We do not accept content which is, promotes or otherwise encourages:  

Violence: Users must refrain from posting content that includes or glorifies violence. This includes explicit images or videos depicting physical harm, bullying, or any form of threats.

Criminal activities: Content that encourages or showcases illegal activities is strictly prohibited. This includes posts related to drug trafficking, theft, or any other criminal behavior.

Hate: Hate speech or discriminatory content based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or other protected categories is not allowed. This extends to any content that promotes prejudice or harm towards individuals or groups.

Exploitation: Users must not engage in the exploitation of others, particularly minors or vulnerable individuals. This includes any form of abusive or harmful behavior.

Sex: Explicit sexual content, pornography, or sexually suggestive material involving adults or minors is strictly prohibited. This ensures a safe and comfortable environment for users.

Harassment: Harassment, stalking, or any form of unwanted and repeated contact is strictly prohibited. Users should respect the boundaries and privacy of others.

3. Health

Although we do like to promote healthy activities on Chall, we understand that some god things in life are not. That is of course completely fine. However, when it comes to health, we have some boundaries that we will enforce strictly to ensure that Chall is a safe and fun place for everyone.

Therefore, we do not accept content which, promotes or otherwise encourages:

Suicide and self-harm: Content that promotes or glorifies self-harm, suicide, or any related activities is strictly prohibited. The platform aims to be a supportive space and discourages content that could negatively impact mental health.

Disordered Eating: Content that encourages or glamorizes unhealthy eating habits or self-harm related to body image is not allowed. The platform promotes a healthy and positive community.

Dangerous Activities: Users should not share content that promotes dangerous activities, including drug abuse, extreme sports without safety measures, or any other high-risk behaviors that could lead to harm or death. If you are a host of a challenge and competition, and your challenge may be risky for certain user groups, you should make sure that you include rules and descriptions to limit participation from groups that the Chall is dangerous for, and to mark the challenge or competition as “Risky” in the settings.

4. adult content

We want the platform to be a safe place for everyone, and therefore we do enforce certain rules on adult content:

Sex and nudity: Explicit sexual content, explicit nudity, or adult content is not allowed. This includes explicit images, videos, or links to external adult content. The aim is to maintain a platform suitable for a broad audience.

Shocking content: Content intended to shock or disturb users, including graphic violence or gore, is prohibited. This helps create a positive and comfortable environment for all users.

Animal abuse: Any content depicting or promoting cruelty towards animals is strictly prohibited. The platform supports the ethical treatment of animals.

5. Integrity

Although Chall is not meant to be a platform for truth seekers, we realize that an open channel like Chall may be misused to spread information that is harmful to society. Therefore we impose and enforce certain rules on the integrity of content posted on Chall:  

Misinformation: Users are not allowed to spread false information or engage in deceptive practices that may mislead others. This ensures the reliability of information shared on the platform.

Elections: Any form of manipulation or interference in elections, political misinformation, or voter suppression is strictly prohibited. The platform will not accept being involved with tampering with the integrity of democratic processes.

Synthetic Media/AI Content: Users must not use AI-generated content to deceive or mislead others. However, we do accept content created by AI for entertainment purposes, as long as the content is not positioned to spread false or unverified information.

Spam: Users should not engage in spammy behavior, including excessive posting, automated messages, or other forms of unwanted communication. This helps maintain a clutter-free and enjoyable user experience.

6. regulated goods and services

Users are prohibited from promoting or engaging in activities related to alcohol, tobacco, CBD, gambling, illegal drugs, or fraudulent schemes.

7. Posting Branded Content

If you post content on the Platform that promotes a third-party brand or its products or services in exchange for payment or any other incentive, you must use appropriate disclosures. That means that you for example must state clearly if you have been sponsored or if your content is meant to market a specific brand, product, or service.

8. the intellectual property rights of others

We respect copyright and other intellectual property rights, and so must you when using the Platform. That means that you may not publish anything that you do not own or have the right to publish.

You can report suspected infringements of intellectual property rights on the Platform by sending an e-mail to

9. Enforcement

Enforcement of these guidelines is at the discretion of Chall, and users are encouraged to report any content that violates these rules for appropriate action.

If we find that you violate any of the rules set out in this policy, we may remove your content, suspend your profile, or terminate and delete your profile entirely. The decision to do so will be made by Chall in its sole discretion, acting reasonably and in good faith for the purpose of enforcing the rules and guidelines set out in this policy.

If we enforce any consequences against you, we will notify you in accordance with regulations and limitations set forth in Chall’s general terms of Service. When deemed appropriate, you will get the chance to oppose any decision to affect your content or profile.